5 Core Cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & LSZH Cable
  • Approved by CCC, ISO, SGS, BV
  • Large Stock

5 core cable is made up 5 different colors wires. Each wire has insulation. The outside of the cable is sheathed.

Conductor:  Solid Or Stranded

Insulation: PVC/LSZH, Rubber,PUR, TPE ect

Sheath:PVC/LSZH, Rubber,PUR, TPE ect

Voltage: 1KV

5 core cable: Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Product for Your Home

If you are looking out to buy a set of good-quality 5 core cable, here is what you need to look into.  It is so important to have the right type of 5 core cables at home, meeting all your electrical demands. The style and color of the wire or string can cause a good deal of difference in quality and comportment.

What is 5 core cable?

5 Core Cable is a type of electrical cable with five conductors inside the PVC sheath. The conductor can be copper or aluminum. The conductor can be solid or stranded. 5 core flex cable is normally used for household appliances and industrial equipment.

5 Core wire can be made in different shapes and sizes, including flat and round. It also has many different types of insulation materials such as LSZH, PVC, Rubber, etc. There are many different color options available for 5 core cables too, for example, black, grey or white, etc.

The main benefits of using 5 core cable include:

1) High voltage rating – Because there are more conductors in the cable, it means that they can carry more current without overheating. This is particularly useful if you need to run high voltage appliances like electric ovens or washing machines through them.

2) Easy installation – Because they come with pre-made ends on each end of the cable which makes installation much easier than if you were trying to install something from scratch yourself.

3) Longer life span – 5 core cable can last longer than other types of wire because there are multiple conductors inside each one so if one were to break down then there are still can be used as 4 core cable.

5 Core Cables

What is 5 core cable used for?

5 Core Cable is used for power distribution and control in industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects. They are used in the electrical wiring of buildings and structures. 5 conductor cable is used as the main power supply. These wires are also used as a connection between two or more electrical components such as switches, receptacles, transformers, and electric motors.

5 core cables can be made of aluminum and copper. The most commonly used material is copper because it has a high conductivity rate which means that it can carry a large amount of electricity from one point to another without losing much energy. The insulation material around the conductor is usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber compounds added to it for better electrical insulation and durability against extreme weather conditions like heat and cold temperatures.

5 core cable colours

 The colours we use for five core cables are Brown, black, grey, blue, and Yellow-Green. Those colors are used to identify the type and purpose of the cable

  •  Black is the most common color and it is used in most cases. It is used in the internal wiring of devices and equipment. Black cable is also used to connect the positive terminal of a DC circuit.
  •  Brown colors are used to connect the positive terminal of a DC circuit with its negative counterpart. They are also used for grounding purposes as well as for providing a path back to the power source. These cables are usually found in older homes where they were used for lighting purposes.
  • Blue Colours are most often used for their grounding properties, although they can also be used for powering certain appliances such as televisions or computers (if they have a separate ground wire).
  • Yellow-Green colors are used as an alternative grounding wire to white ones because they offer better electrical insulation than white wires, which can easily get corroded by moisture over time and become less effective at carrying electricity safely away from your home’s electrical system—leaving you vulnerable to potentially dangerous electrical shocks or fires if the problem isn’t addressed soon enough!
  • Gray represents Neutral Wire

5 core cable price

 ZW Cable is a professional supplier of 5 core cables. We have been in this field for more than 30 years, and our products are well received by customers at home and abroad. 5 core cable 6mm is one of our main products, the price is USD 4 per meter.

 6mm 5 core cable, 5 c0re cable 1mm, and 4mm 5 core cable have high strength and flexibility; they can transmit power or signal signals. The following are its characteristics:

  1. They have good elasticity, tensile strength, and elongation at break;
  1. 5 core cable can be cut into any length according to customer requirements;
  1. 5 conductor cable has good corrosion resistance and chemical stability;
  1. 5 conductor wire is easy to install and maintain.

ZW Cable has a large stock of the 5 core cables for sale. We offer great discounts on bulk orders to our customers. Single core cable, 2 core cable, and 3 core cable are known for their durability, high quality, reasonable prices, uniqueness, and reliability among others. To know more about our 5 core cable to place your order, please feel free to contact us at any time.