Cu XLPE Cable

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  • Large Cu cables with different sizes

Product Model:YJV

Conductor: Copper

Insulation: XLPE, PVC


HS CODE:8544492100

2000 Meters per Day

Package:Wooden Drum

Package length: 500 meters,  1000 meters

Port: Qingdao or Shanghai

CU/XLPE/PVC Cable 0.6 to 1 KV


Cu cable is used to transmit electrical energy throughout a range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Xlpe cu cable is also used inside the switch cabinets for energy supply of electrical equipment. The cable is used for rated voltage up to 0.6/1kV.


Cu/Xlpe/Pvc Cable Specification:

Cores x conductor cross-section
(N x mm²)

Conductor construction


(n x mm)

Insulation thickness



Sheath thickness



Conductor resistance at 20 °C max.(Ω/km)

Cable weight

(kg/ km)

1*41 x 2,250,71,84,6172
1 x 61 x 2,760,71,83,0892
1 x 101 x 3,560,71,81,83142
1 x 161 x 4,510,71,81,15205
1 x 257 x 2,130,91,80,727303
1 x 357 x 2,520,91,80,524394
1 x 5019 x 1,8311,80,387516
1 x 7019 x 2,171,11,80,268721
1 x 9519 x 2,521,11,80,193992
1 x 12037 x 2,031,21,80,1531196
1 x 15037 x 2,271,41,80,1241509
1 x 18537 x 2,521,61,80,09911850
1 x 24061 x 2,241,71,80,07542394
1 x 30061 x 2,501,81,90,06012964

Cu Cable:Frequently Asked Questions

Cu cable is a copper cable made of two or more copper wires bundled together in a single sheath. PVC cu cable usually used for transmitting electrical power, but it can also be used for transmitting signals.

Copper is a chemical element that has the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Cu wires are solid or stranded. The copper wires are formed into a single unit and then covered with insulation to protect them from external damage and weathering. 

3/c is three separate conductor cable. There is no ground wire. In cable industry, also called 3 core cable. If 3/c cable add ground wire, we called it 3C+G.

We do not have southwire industrial cable. Our brand is ZW CABLE. We are in wire and cable filed for 30 years. We will send our cable catalog. Just contact us now.