H05VV-F Flexible cable

  • According to IEC, GB,VDE Standard
  • Free Sample
  • Accept Low MOQ
  • 300/500V

Product Model:H05VV-F

Conductor: Class 5

Insulation: PVC


HS CODE:8544492100

Section Area:0.75mm2~10mm2

50000 Meters per Day

Package: Coil. 100m/200m/500m per roll, it depends on your request

Port: Qingdao or Shanghai

Lead Time: 5 days

H05vv-f Meaning

H05VV-F is a flexible cable used in light mechanical stress areas with a max operating voltage of 500 volts. H05vv-f wire is oil-resistant and it suitable for use when there is regular oil or grease movement. H05vv-f cables are commonly used to connect small appliances in homes and offices, such as refrigerators, washing machines and spin-dryers. They can also be found in industrial machinery like cooking equipment that does not have direct contact with hot parts or heat sources. H05VV-F cables are suitable for fixed applications in furniture, wall partitions, and hollow spaces within prefabricated building parts. Available in black, white or grey jacketing materials. Max operating voltage in a single-phase system is 400 volts, while outdoor installation is not permitted.

H05vv f cable specification

  • Stranded Fine Copper Wire
  • PVC Insulation to VDE
  • Up to 5 Cores
  • Working Temperature-5 °c to 70 °c 
  • Test Voltage 2KV
  • Reach and Rohs needs
  • Bending radius: 7.5 x Ø
  • Flame retardant according to VDE and IEC
  • Water Resistance

H05vv f datasheet

Description & No. Conductors x cross-sec. mm2Jacket ColorOuter Ø (mm)Copper Weight
 H05VV-F 2X0.75black6.414.450.018
 H05VV-F 2X0.75white6.414.450.018
 H05VV-F 3G0.75black6.821.660.018
 H05VV-F 3G0.75white6.821.660.018
 H05VV-F 4G0.75black7.429.073.018
 H05VV-F 4G0.75white7.429.073.018
 H05VV-F 5G0.75black8.336.088.018
 H05VV-F 5G0.75white8.336.088.018
 H05VV-F 2X1black6.819.057.017
 H05VV-F 2X1white6.819.057.017
 H05VV-F 3G1black7.229.073.017
 H05VV-F 3G1white7.229.073.017
 H05VV-F 4G1black8.038.085.017
 H05VV-F 4G1white8.038.085.017
 H05VV-F 5G1black8.848.0105.017
 H05VV-F 5G1white8.848.0105.017
 A05VV-F 7G1black9.867.0131.017
 A05VV-F 7G1white9.867.0131.017
 H05VV-F 2X1.5black7.629.082.016
 H05VV-F 2X1.5white7.629.082.016
 H05VV-F 3G1.5black8.243.095.016
 H05VV-F 3G1.5white8.243.095.016
 H05VV-F 4G1.5black9.258.0117.016
 H05VV-F 4G1.5white9.258.0117.016
 H05VV-F 5G1.5black9.372.0144.016
 H05VV-F 5G1.5white9.372.0144.016
 A05VV-F 7G1.5black10.8101.0183.016
 A05VV-F 7G1.5white10.8101.0183.016
 H05VV-F 3G2.5black10.172.0152.014
 H05VV-F 3G2.5white10.172.0152.014
 H05VV-F 4G2.5black11.296.0192.014
 H05VV-F 4G2.5white11.296.0192.014
 H05VV-F 5G2.5black12.4120.0243.014
 H05VV-F 5G2.5white12.4120.0243.014
 A05VV-F 7G2.5black12.9168.0316.014
 A05VV-F 7G2.5white12.9168.0316.014

Frequently Asked Questions

H is a Coordination System A Standard

05 is Electrical Voltage 300/500V

V-PVC insulation

V-PVC sheath

F-Flexible cable, class 5 conductor

The maximum operating temperature for the h05vv-f cable is 70°C. H05vv-f is not high temperature cable. The working temperature up to 150 °C can be heat resistant.

The best sell size for h05vv f is h05vv-f 3x4mm2, h05vv-f 2x1mm2 and h05vv-f 3g1,5