4mm Wire

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & LSZH & PVC
  • Approved by CCC, CE, VDE
  • Large stock 4mm cable with different colours

Here the square which refers to the mm2, is the cross-sectional diameter of the wire. Commonly used in home furnishings wire specifications are “2.5 mm” and “4mm” wire. 2.5mm cable is generally used for weak power, 4mm wire for strong power.

Conductor Structure:1/2.22mm

Insulation Thickness: 0.8mm

Overall Diameter:3.82mm

Conductor: Pure Copper

Insulation: PVC, LZSH

Insulation Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow-Green etc

Voltage: 450/750V

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What is 4mm wire used for?

4 sq is the cross-sectional area of the guidewire is 4mm wire. The cross-sectional area of the wire is related to the current. General 2.5mm wire is lighting and outlets. 4mm wire is air conditioning, kitchen and other high-power appliances. The size of the cross-sectional area of the wire indicates the ability of the wire to carry current. 

what gauge is 4mm wire?

4mm cable is the name of the cross-sectional area in the IEC. However, many people will ask how much AWG is 4mm wire if it is converted to UL standard. I will tell you the answer below. According to the UL gauge, 4 sq mm wire is 12 gauge wire.

4mm wire load capacity

GB standard allows long-term current: 4mm wire is 25-32A is the theoretical safety value. The limit value is 8000w.

According to the formula, three-phase (380v) should not be greater than copper: 28kw; aluminium: 22kw (power factor of 1, and not far away), single-phase (220v) should not be greater than copper: 10kw; aluminium: 7kw.

The standard load capacity of 4mm insulated aluminum wire is about 33A (at 30 degrees C), and 4 mm copper insulated wire is 42A. The bright wire can carry 7000W of electrical power, and the dark wire can generally bear the maximum electrical power at about 5500W.

The maximum allowable load capacity of 4mm copper wire open laying about 35-40A, that is, 7-8KW load.

4mm wire

4mm wire price

The role of electricity is huge, we usually use a variety of appliances to be energized to bai operation, with electricity so that we have light, and do not have to worry about too much darkness at night, not only that, electricity can also help us produce so that we can use a variety of goods, but the transmission of electricity is the biggest problem.

Today electricity relies on wires for communication, and since TV is something people can’t live without, wires are as commonly used as incidental products. The wire price is calculated according to square meters. We will look at the 4mm cable about how much can buy it.

The 4mm wire price is about USD 42 per roll. When you buy 4 sq mm wire, the first thing to look at the manufacturer and look at wire certification and the date of production. Look at the copper conductor and insulation of the wire, and make sure that 1 roll is 100 meters. If it is a regular manufacturer like ZW cable the price is almost the same. The 4mm earth cable price is the same as 4 sq mm wire.

Choose good quality 4mm you should know

1. Appearance standards, the 4mm cable must have a certification mark, manufacturer, wire diameter, etc., ground with a yellow-green insulation layer.
2. Mechanical strength.
3. Sheath insulation (generally more excellent than 100MΩ) and voltage strength (500V below 1500V).
4. 4mm wire resistance (a specific wire diameter, conductivity, length under no more significant than a particular resistance).
5. High-temperature shock under 150 degrees, low temperature -30 degrees under the wire shall not appear cracking, etc

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