10mm earth cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • PVC Cable
  • Approved by CCC, CE
  • Large stock 

10mm earth cable is suitable for fixed wiring of electrical equipment, lighting and household appliances Usually used for grounding wires.

Nominal section(mm2)No./dia. of core(mm)Average dia.(mm)Reference weight(kg/km)Conductor resistance at 20℃(Ω/km)



Conductor: Copper

Insulation: PVC


Colour: Yellow-Green

What is 10mm earth cable used for?

Earth cable 10mm is yellow-green colour. 10mm indicates the cross-section of the wires. 10mm earth wire is the standard grounding wire. According to the electrical installation specifications can only be used as a grounding wire. The conductor is copper can be used for live wire and a neutral wire. Earth cable can be used as a neutral wire, but we do not recommend it.

what size earth in 10mm cable?

The outer diameter for earth wire 10mm is 6.0mm. 10mm twin earth cable belongs to earth cable 10mm. There are made of 3 wires, the middle wire is a ground wire. If you buy 10mm earth cable, zw cable is your best choice. The package for 10mm2 earth cable can be 100 meters and 25 meters. 10mm earth wireNowadays, the copper price is rasing high, and 10mm earth cable price is changed daily. Here is the price based on LME Copper USD 9000 per ton. You can make a reference based on this price. 10mm Earth Cable Per Meter is USD 1.4 per meter.

How thick is 10mm2 earth cable?

The copper conductor for 10mm2 earth cable is 7 strands. Each copper conductor diameter is 1.35mm. The insulation is 1.0mm. We ensure all specifications are up to standard. If you are still worried about the quality. We can send you a free sample for your check. And we can also accept lower MOQ. Give us a chance, we will be your long life partner.

Can you produce other sizes of earth cable?

As an eath cable manufacturer since 1993. We can produce many sizes of earth cable. Such as 2.5mm earth cable, 4mm earth cable, 25mm earth cable, and 35mm earth cable. Among the many sizes, 10 mm earth wire is the most buying.