Rvv Cable

  • According to IEC 60227 and GB Standard
  • PVC Insulation
  • Approved by CE, CCC, ISO
  • Most sizes in stock

RVV wire is a kind of electrical wire, also known as flexible pvc sheathed wire. Rvv cable mainly used in electrical appliances,  electronic equipment and automation devices with power wire, control wire and signal transmission lines, specifically for burglar alarm systems, building intercom systems, etc.

rvv cable data

Conductor: Class 5 Copper Wire

Insulation: PVC


Shape: Round

Voltage: 300/500V

Color: Black And Red

Working Temperature:-30~ +70℃

What is RVV Cable?

Is RVV a wire or a cable? It is actually no strict distinction, except that some people are used to smaller specifications called wire, larger specifications called it a cable, so it is also called ZR RVV cable or RVV wire.

RVV is stranded wire for electrical connections, commonly used in household electrical equipment with voltage levels 300/500V and below.

RVV wire is also known as a pvc cable, is more commonly used in the weak power system cable, the number of conductor cores of two or more, outside the PVC sheath layer, the main role of the sheath layer is to protect the cable from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion, can enhance the mechanical strength of the wire, which is also the origin of its name.

Rvv cable specification

Cross-sectional area: 0.75-2.5mm2 2.5mm2-10mm2;
Test voltage: 2000V, 5min.
Insulation resistance: >200M Ohm×KM.
Operating temperature: -30~ +70℃.
Bending radius: 15 x cable outer diameter.
Flame retardant characteristics: IEC 60 332.1.
Reference standard: GB 5023, IEC60227
Package specification: 100m, 500m, 1000m.

RVVP Cable Meaning

RVVP Cable

RVVP shielded flexible cable, according to the commonly used model split can be divided into RVV and P, RVV full name copper-core PVC sheathed flexible wire, and “P” is the meaning of shielding, that is, in the RVV soft wire is basically added to the shielding layer, anti-interference shielding performance significantly improved, mainly to resist external signal interference. Suitable for rated voltage 300/500V and the following communication, audio, audio, microphone line connection line, with the effect of anti-interference signal.

The difference between RVVP and RVV Cable

1, RVVP cable has an extra layer of anti-interference shielding layer, and the electrical connection is more secure for use.

2, RVVP cable can minimize the impact of external signal interference, the price is higher than 227 iec 52 rvv cable.

3, RVVP is suitable for places that need anti-interference, such as audio, broadcasting and KTV microphone line, RVV is more suitable for computer power wire.

RVVP cable is used copper wire braid shielding, has better electromagnetic compatibility characteristics; so suitable for the electromagnetic environment is harsh, the installation distance is small laying places, RVVP cable can be installed in the house and indoor laying. rvv cable is mainly used for electrical connection line use, widely used in meters, instruments, building intercom, surveillance and monitoring control installation.

ZW Cable specialized in wire and cable, the company has a large stock of RVV cable, RVVP cable. The colours include red, yellow, green, blue, black, yellow-green (ground), etc., the core from 10-400mm can be sold one meter, also according to your requirements to customize.