armoured cable 4mm

  • According to IEC, BS, GB
  • Flame Retardant & PVC Cable
  • Approved by CE,CCC, ISO
  • In Stock

4mm armoured cable is a high-quality, PVC insulated and armoured multi-core cable for use in residential electrical installations. The steel wire armour provides maximum protection against crushing, chafing and abrasion.

Conductor: Class 1 or Class 2

Insulation: XLPE

Amour: SWA or STA

Voltage: 0.6/1kV

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4mm Armoured Cable is a type of armoured cable that can be used for mains electrical supply.

This cable has been designed to meet the highest quality standards and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, inducing:

  • Sockets and switches in any building
  • Switches and lighting circuits for ponds located outside your home
  • Creating a safe environment for commercial establishment

4mm 3 Core Armoured Cable Construction

4mm 3 core armoured cable

  • The Current rating is 34 maps
  • Conductors: Solid Copper
  • Bedding: PVC
  • Armour/Protection: SWA (Steel wire armour or steel tape amour)
  • Sheath/Jacket: PVC
  • The colour usually is black (Accept Custom Colors)
  • The maximum operating temperature is 90°C, and the minimum bending temperature is 0°C.

  • Overall Diameter is 17mm

4mm armoured cable price

The price of copper fluctuates daily and there is no precise price. But we can provide reference prices. Based on LME Copper 7650 per ton.

2 core 4mm armoured cable price USD 1.2 per meter.
4mm 3 core cable price USD 1.5 per meter.
4mm 4 core cable price USD 1.8 per meter.
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