1/0 Weding Cable

  • According to IEC 60092-3 Series Standard
  • Flame Retardant & LSZH Cable
  • Approved by ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR, NK, RINA
  • Large stock marine cables with different sizes

1/0 welding cable is also known as 1 0 copper cable. The cable is made of stranded copper and rubber insulation.


Jacket Material: EPDM

Max Temp: 105 degree

Min Temp:-50 degree

Conductor: stranded Copper Wire. Class 5

Insulation: Rubber

Color of outer sheath: Red, Black

1/0 Welding Cable: How to Make the Right Choice and guarantee the best Performance

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in the welding business, you need to know about the 1/0 welding cable. The primary function of this cable type is powering electrodes in electric arc-welding equipment. The cable has to be highly flexible and durable under extreme conditions considering its applications. The wire consists of fine-stranded copper wires and strong insulation to achieve maximum flexibility and durability.

However, there are several aspects you must reflect on when choosing an ideal 1/0 gauge welding cable for your specific application. For instance, you need to know the exact value of amperes you need to run through the cable. Consider the cable as a hosepipe. The more water you need to run through the pipe, the larger the hose you need to invest in. Similarly, the more amperes you need to run through the cable, the larger the welding cable you need.

It is often difficult to make such choices, especially if you are not an expert in 1 0 welding cable specs. Fortunately, in the following few segments of this buying guide, we will answer some critical queries you need to ask yourself. If you have a welding project lined up, this is the best article for you.

1. What size is a 1/0 welding cable?

People often think of a cable’s size in terms of its diameter. However, when buying this cable type, it is not advisable to focus solely on its diameter. Even if two cables share the same diameter, the one that has a shorter length can transmit more amperes than the longer one.

A cable’s American wire gauge size determines its current carrying capacity.  Typically, AWG measurements define a cable’s cross-sectional area and not its diameter. Current carrying capacity increases with each decrease in the American wire gauge size. So, what is the AWG size of a 1/0 welding cable? 

1/0 welding cable

Most of the time, people assume that 1/0 AWG is equivalent to 1 AWG, but they are two different measurements. In general, the number before ‘/’ in American wire gauge measurements reveals the number of zeros that the gauge is. Therefore, the actual 1/0 welding cable size is 0 AWG.

That said, knowing the actual size of the cable is not sufficient when choosing the ideal option. You ought to consider three distinct factors when selecting the most suitable welding cable for your specific application. These factors include the overall length of the cable and the ambient temperature of the location you intend to use it.

2. What type of wire is a 1/0 welding cable?

This cable type is a famous portable wire whose intended purpose is welding applications. It is also applicable in power applications whose amperage needs do not exceed 600 volts. Wires typically occur in two distinct forms, namely, stranded and solid wire.  A 1/0 gauge welding cable is a stranded-type wire to ensure maximum flexibility. Typically, arc-welding applications require constant movement of the electrode. Consequently, the wire needs to be highly flexible to allow easy movement along the joints.

When looking for a 1/0 welding cable for sale, you have to consider its strand count.  The cable’s degree of flexibility is heavily dependent on its strand count. Essentially, the number of copper strands making up a cable varies depending on its manufacturer. Our cable consists of more than 1004 copper strands. The strand count is raised to preserve the cable’s elasticity while maintaining its current carrying capacity.

The copper strands are sheathed inside a highly durable non-conductive jacket.  The jacket in question usually consists of synthetic rubber material. The two most common forms of synthetic rubber used as welding cable 1/0 insulation are EPDM and EPR rubber. More importantly, the cable meets all International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) specifications.

3. How many amps can a 1/0 welding cable carry? 

Ideally, the 1/0 welding cable ampacity stands at 600 volts at 1050 Celsius. Essentially, this is the maximum amount of current that the cable can carry without damage at optimum conditions. Nonetheless, like conventional electrical cables, the current rating often varies depending on some factors, including;

  • Electrical Resistance- The copper that makes up the cable inherently produces some electrical resistance. Electrical resistance is generally defined as the opposition to the flow of electrical current and is usually measured in ohms.  Usually, 1/0 welding cable amps rating decreases with each increase in electrical resistance.
  • Cable Length – As the length of the cable increases, its resistance increases. Therefore the amount of amperes that the cable can carry reduces with each increase in the cable’s length.
  • Ambient Temperature- Ambient temperature is the temperature of the environment where you intend to use the 1/0 welding cable. The electrical resistance of the cable increases exponentially at high temperatures. Logically, the cable’s current carrying capacity lessens as the resistance increases.

1/0 welding cable amps

4. What is the diameter of the 1/0 welding cable?

The total 1/0 welding cable diameter is 0.53 inches, whereas its conductor diameter is 0.47 inches. The cable’s insulation is relatively thicker than that of conventional electrical wires. Its thick synthetic rubber insulation enables it to resist any form of wear and tear. A cable with such thick insulation usually turns out to be pretty rigid.

That is not true for this cable type. A high fine copper strand count makes up for the thickness of the 1/0 gauge welding cable. The strands guarantee maximum flexibility of the wire while ensuring that it retains its optimum current carrying capacity. I can assure you that you can easily pull this cable across any surface. It is the most suitable option because it offers ease of movement on the job site.

5. How much is a foot of 1/0 welding cable? 

Once you grasp some basic requirements of your cable, there is only one question to answer. What is the 1/0 welding cable price per foot? Well, prices tend to vary from one manufacturer to the next. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to consider the 1/0 welding cable price over its quality. In the cable manufacturing industry, cheapness often translates to low quality.

The wise thing to do is find a dependable manufacturer of 1/0 welding cable, like ZW cable and place an order online. Our price per foot stands at approximately 1.8 USD. We offer the most reasonable prices in the market for top-notch cables.