steel wire armoured cable

  • According to IEC 60502-1, and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & LSZH Cable
  • Approved by ISO, CCC, CE, SGS, BV
  • Related Voltage: 0.6/1KV

Steel Armoured Cable full name is XLPE insulated, steel wire armoured PVC sheathed power cable. SWA cables can be used in outdoor and underground.

Conductor: Copper 

Insulation: XLPE

Amour: Steel Wire 

Outer Sheath: PVC

sheath Color: Black

What is steel wire armoured cable?

steel wire armoured cable

Steel wire armored cable is made of tough steel wire conductor mounted with an insulation layer. Steel wire armoured cable is mainly used in engineering, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, construction and so on. The mechanical protection layer of the armoured cable can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the anti-erosion ability, which is suitable for the bad environment, and the steel wire to protect the conductor and insulation. Our customers in Africa like buying SWA Cable.

steel wire armoured cable uses

The main goal of steel wire armored cable with armored layer is to enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength, and other mechanical protection to elongate the service life and improve the anti-interference performance of the cable through shielding protection.

The commonly used armor materials are steel tape, steel wire, and aluminum tape. The steel tape and steel wire armor layer have high permeability and an excellent magnetic shielding effect, resisting low-frequency interference.
The purpose of steel wire armored cable is to increase the cable’s mechanical strength and improve the anti-erosion ability. It is a special cable designed for the area which is vulnerable to mechanical damage and erosion.

It can be laid in any way and is more suitable for direct burial in rocky areas. Armored cable is called buried cable, power line transmission cable plus the purpose of armoured layer in addition to enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical protection elongated service life, armoured has the necessary resistance to external forces, but also can put some rats bite, not to cause power transmission problems through the armored, armored bending radius to be large, armored layer can be grounded to protect the cable.

The specification of Armoured Cable

Steel Wire Armoured Cable Size

We can produce many types of armoured cable. I will tell you which sizes are best selling in the market. There are 4mm steel wire armoured cable, 6mm steel wire armoured cable,4mm steel wire armoured cable,10mm steel wire armoured cable,and 3 cores steel wire armoured cable。

steel wire armored cable disadvantages

To be honestly, swa armoured cable is expensive. We recommend steel tape for electrical cable. 

What is different between steel wire armoured cable and steel tape armoured cable?

Steel tape armoured cable is only used for laying of direct buried cable or pipe, common ground, tunnel, etc. And steel wire armoured cable can withstand the general longitudinal tension, so it is suitable for short-distance overhead laying or vertical or vertical laying. In foreign countries, they accept Armoured SWA Cable.
The corresponding SWA cable is more expensive. Because the Armoured SWA Cable production is more difficult, the cost is higher.

In general, it is according to the use of different forms of the environment and choice the different Armoured SWA Cable.