2 gauge welding cable

  • According to IEC, GB, and Rosh Standard
  • Rubber & EPDM
  • Approved by CCC, ISO, SGS, BV
  • Related Voltage:450/750V

The sheath of 2 gauge welding cable is neoprene mixture. 2 AWG welding cable has heat resistance, oil resistance and non-flammable properties. This product is suitable for the secondary side wiring and connecting the welding machine with ground voltage AC not exceeding 200V and pulsating DC peak 400V. The maximum working temperature of the cable is 90℃.

Size: 2 AWG


Area(mm2): 33.6 mm2

Conductor Resistance(Ω/KM):0.51

Conductor: stranded copper class 5

Insulation: Rubber 

Max Working Temperature: 90 degree

Color of outer sheath: Red, Black

What is 2 gauge welding Cable?

2 gauge welding cable

The structure of the 2 AWG welding cable is a single core. Generally, the conductor is made of copper strands wire。 The copper wire has more than 100 roots and is surrounded by a layer of heat-resistant polyester insulation. The insulation layer is generally natural rubber and the copper wire is oxygen-free, so as to ensure the good conductivity of the core and the safety of the cable.

How many amps is #2 welding cable?

2 AWG welding cable ampacity is 180A, but the max amps are 200 A. 

What is the common size of welding cable? 2 gauge welding cable converted to mm square is it?

The most popular size of welding cable is 1 0 welding cable, 2 0 welding cable, 2 gauge welding cable, 4 gauge welding cable, 2/0 welding cable, and 3/0 welding cable. Most of sizes we have in stock. We can sell welding cable per meter. 2 AWG welding cable convert to mm is 35mm welding cable.