12 thhn wire

  • According to UL Standard
  • PVC & Nylon Cable
  • Approved by UL
  • 600V

12 thhn wire widely used in aircraft low-voltage lines, highway with inductive coils special wire. Also used for lighting wiring, road lamp wire, AC rated voltage 250V and below DC voltage 500V. The temperature is -60 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ in the relative humidity of 98% of the environment.

Conductor Size: #12 


Number of Conductors: 1

Usage: indoor and outdoor

Conductor: Solid or Stranded


Sheath: Nylon


what is #12 thhn wire

12 thhn wire is part of Nylon cable. THHN wire 12 is made of soft drawn bare copper conductors, PVC insulation and a nylon jacket. 12 thhn solid wire is 1/2.0mm. #12 thhn stranded wire is 7/0.6mm. These cables are rated at 600 volts and have a load capacity of 20 at 90°C. #12 THHN wire is used for general purpose wiring installed in conduit or other recognized raceways for new construction as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC).Thhn 12 is also used in machine tools, appliances and control circuit wiring. Cable thhn 12 is resistant to gasoline and motor oil at 75°C and is rated at 90°C.

what are the properties of #12 awg thhn?

1、Easy to put on the tube. The wire diameter is sufficient, and the abrasion coefficient is significantly reduced when threading the tube.
2、Increases the threading capacity of the wire conduit. Smaller wire diameter allows more wires to be threaded into the same size conduit.

3、Excellent abrasion resistance reduces the damage to insulation when threading and laying wires. It is important to reduce the potential for latent type short circuit accidents effectively.

4, 12 thhn wire has excellent hydrocarbon resistance chemical stability, and oil resistance. The service time is longer than pvc insulated wire.

5,  12 thhn wire has tested good thermal stability and resistance to thermal contraction performance. This will help avoid short-circuit faults caused by overheating the grounding point to make the wire insulation shrinkage to reveal the copper wire.

6, 12 thhn wire has the ability to withstand considerable short-circuit current, 5 seconds short-circuit withstand temperature higher than the stranded wire. This is because of the nylon sheath and the nylon melting point of 215 ℃.
7, 12 gauge thhn wire has the same flame retardant performance as PVC insulation. According to the relevant expert test, the toxicity released by its burning is much less than PE.

8、The logo of the manufacturer’s name, product model and voltage level is printed between PVC insulation and nylon sheath. The logo is clear and resistant to rubbing

how much does #12 thhn weight?

The overall diameter for 12 thhn wire is 3.0mm. The insulation thickness is 0.6mm, and nylon thickness is 0.2mm.  The weight is about 33.57KG per 1 KM.

12 gauge thhn wire amp rating

The safety The safe load capacity is 25A. The maximum ampacity is 32A.

12 thhn wire

12 thhn wire price 

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With the implementation of the nylon wire standard. The new type of products will soon be accepted by users. In Europe, the United States, Canada and the Middle East are widely used in large quantities. The most popular size is 12 thhn wire. Some large buildings in major cities are required to use thhn wire such as the Olympic Games stadium. Thhn wire occupies more than 95% of the market for electrical wire.