240mm Single Core Cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & PVC Cable
  • Approved by CCC, ISO, SGS
  • Have 1*240mm2 Cable in Stock

The 240mm cable is ideal for connecting your AC to a power source. 240mm2 cable provides an excellent option for users who want a longer and more flexible solution.

Conductor: Copper Or Aluminum

Insulation: XLPE

Outer Sheath: PVC

Color of outer sheath: Black

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240mm Cable is an industrial Cable. 240mm2 cable is a high specification product designed for use in power plants, steelworks, and heavy industry where large quantities of power are needed. It is an ideal solution for providing power where no existing power sources are available, or cables cannot go through walls or ceilings.

The 240mm XLPE is supplied with a XLPE layer and a flame retardant insulating PVC sheath that can withstand temperatures up to 90ºC. The conductor consists of stranded copper wires which have been tinned to prevent corrosion and provide electrical continuity throughout the cable length.

 Cable 240mm is supplied in coils of varying lengths depending on the installation requirements, but typically ranges from 50m – 300m per coil weighting between 119kg – 720kg depending on the number of cores and overall length.

240mm cable Construction

Conductor MaterialCopper 
Conductor Strands34
Insulation MartialXLPE
 Insulation Thickness 1.6mm
Sheath MartialPVC
Sheath Thickness1.7mm
Overal Diamater27mm
Operating temperature-15 degrees to +90 degrees
HS Code8544492100
Name of Product1*240mm2 Copper Cable
Voltage600 / 1000V

240mm cable current rating

The 240mm cable has a current rating of 480amps. This means that it can safely carry 480 amps at 100% efficiency and still not get damaged.

The 240 sq mm cable is not meant to be installed in lengths longer than 10′. There is no exact number as to what length is safe, but it will vary based on the size of your electrical panel and the type of wire used for your application.

240mm Cable price

The price is mainly based on the rise or fall of copper prices. Copper is a key material in the manufacture of cable and its price fluctuates greatly due to supply and demand. The cross section of and the number of cores is also a factor that affects the price. But we can offer your recommence price. The price is USD 22 per meter.

300mm single core cable price is higher than 240mm cable. 240mm 4 core swa is higher than 240 mm 3 core cable.

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