300mm single core cable

  • According to IEC, BS and GB
  • Flame Retardant & PVC Cable
  • Approved by ISO, CCC, SGS
  • We have 300mm2 Cable in Stock

300mm cable can be used for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cables. Due to the large cross-sectional area, generally is a single-core structure.

Conductor: Copper or Aluminum

Insulation:  XLPE

Outer Sheath: PVC

Color of outer sheath:Black

Voltage: 0.6/1KV

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300mm flexible cable consists of stranded copper wire surrounded by an insulating layer of PVC or rubber. The insulation protects against external electrical interference, prevents short-circuiting between adjacent wires, and protects against mechanical damage caused by abrasion and bending forces.

300mm Single Core cable offers excellent flexibility. It can be bent without affecting its performance or causing damage to the insulation layer. This makes it ideal for use in limited space or cables that need to be installed in confined spaces, such as conduits and ducts.

Key Specification of 300mm Cable

Conductor MaterialCopper 
Conductor Strands34
Insulation MartialXLPE
 Insulation Thickness 1.6mm
Sheath MartialPVC
Sheath Thickness1.8mm
Overal Diamater30mm
Operating temperature-15 degrees to +90 degrees
HS Code8544492100
Name of Product1*300mm2 Copper Cable
Voltage600 / 1000V

300mm cable amps

The following is the 300 mm cable amps:

Current carrying capacity in ground (20 °C) is 560A.

Current carrying capacity in air (30 °C) is 600A.

Insulation resistance constant at 90 degree >18000 MΩ.

300mm Wire Price

The cable price is based on LME Copper price and diameter. For example, 4 core 300 sq mm cable Diameter is large than singe core 300mm cable. Also 4 core 300mm cable  used more copper.

We can base the reference price on October 3, 2022. 300mm single core cable USD 25 per meter. 4 core 300mm cable USD 109 per meter.

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