2/0 battery cable

  • According to IEC 60502-1 and GB Stranard
  • PVC & TPU
  • Approved by ISO, CE, IEC
  • Any Color
  • Related Voltage 600V

2/0 battery cables can be rated up to 600 volts for the automotive industry, solar battery cables, inverter power cables, marine battery cables, and many other applications that require a durable and flexible battery cable.

Size: 2/0 AWG


Area(mm2): 67mm2

Conductor Resistance(Ω/KM):0.26

Conductor: Copper Wire Class 5

Stranding: more than 1350 strands of copper wire

Jacket Color: Any Color

Length: 100ft

Package: Roll 


what is 2 0 battery cable?

2 0 battery cable can meet the variety of environments, and 2/0 battery cable is very flexible. The conductor is made of more than 1350 strands copper wire. The insulation is PVC, TPU, TPE and other high tech materials. 2 gauge battery cable is also soft in cold winter. Our customers are interested in purchasing this product.

2/0 battery cable

2/0 battery cable diameter

The copper conductor diameter is 11.4mm. The outer diameter of 2 0 battery cable is 14.2mm. The outer diameter includes copper conductor and insulation.

2/0 battery cable lugs

we don’t manufacturer battery cable lugs, but our cooperated manufacture is specialized in lugs. If you order battery cable from ZW Cable. We can send you some pcs battery cable lugs for free.

Where to buy 2/0 battery cable?

As a professional wire and cable manufacturer, we highly recommend you to buy #2 battery cable from ZW cable. We can guarantee the quality of our products, and the price is also very competitive. The most important our 2 0 battery cables are full AWG.

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