YJV Cable

  • According to IEC 60502-1, GB
  • Flame Retardant Cable & LSZH Cable& PVC Cable
  • Approved by SGS, ISO, IEC
  • Large stock YJV cables with different sizes
  • Related Voltage:0.6/1KV

YJV is named: XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

YJV power cable has very good thermal-mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance, but yjv wire structure is sample. Yjv weight is light. It is easy to install. That is advantage of  YJV 

Conductor:  Copper Conductor

Insulation: XLPE

Outer Sheath: PVC or LSZG

Color of outer sheath: Black

Yjv Cable Specification:

The  main cores of yjv are single-core, 2cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 3+1, 3+2, 4+1. 3+1 represents 3 phase wires + 1 ground wire, 3+2 represents 3 phase wires + 2 ground wires, 4+1 represents 4 phase wires + 1 ground wire.

Yjv Cable types include 1 square, 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square, 10 square, 16 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square, 150 square, 185 square, 240 square, 300 square. For example, yjv3*240+1*120 cable is a cable consisting of 3 wires of 240 square and 1 ground wire of 120 square.

YJV , whose main specifications range from 1 square to 300 square and can also be individually customized, is an electrical cable used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Most commonly used in urban power grids, real estate development, road construction, building construction etc.

Yjv Cable Classification

Yjv can be classified according to voltage as
Below 1KV is low voltage cable

1KV~10KV is medium voltage cable

10KV~35KV is a high voltage cable.

Yjv Cable

The difference between Yjv and Yjv 22 Cable.

YJV22 is a cross-linked armoured cable made of polyvinyl chloride insulation. The yj stands for cross-linked, the v stands for PVC insulation, and the 22 stands for armored. The cable sheath of this material is very protective. Yjv22 can better protect the cable from external mechanical forces to reduce the damage to it. Yjv does not have armored layer can not be used underground. We can also produce yjv32 cable, Yjlv cable, and Yjlv22 cable.

YJV Cable Features:

1、The cable is based on IEC 60502-1 and GB standard.

2, 20 ℃ conductor DC resistivity: copper core ≤ 0.017241Ωmm2/mo aluminum core ≤ 0.028Ωmm2/m.

3, flame retardant grade A, B, C, D, low smoke halogen-free WDZ, fire-resistant type NH, can be customized ZA-YJV, ZB-YJV, ZC-YJV (ZR-YJV), WDZ-YJV, N-YJV (NH-YJV).

4.The highest working temperature for yjv cable is 90℃.

5, the cable should be laid at an ambient temperature of not less than 0 ℃, installed cable bending radius should be greater than 20 times the outer diameter of the cable. <5PC.

4、Laying temperature should be no less than 0℃.

5.In the event of a short circuit, the highest temperature of the conductor should be no more than 160℃ for a duration of not more than 5 seconds.

6.YJV YJLV is suitable for indoor and outdoor laying, but cannot bear the action of mechanical external force. yjv22, yjlv22 are suitable for buried laying, can bear the action of mechanical external force, but cannot bear large tensile force.


YJV cable in our life is very important, there is electricity where there is YJV. As a leading  Chinese cable manufacturer, our purpose is to help you try to solve the problems you have using YJV cable. Help you choose the right size of power cable. If you have any questions, you can contact us immediately, we will reply to you in the fastest time. If you need the cable in urgent, we have a large stock and we can ship by sea or air at any time!