2.5mm Cable

  • According to IEC 60502-1 and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & LSZH &PVC
  • Approved by CCC, ISO, IEC
  • Large stock 2.5mm Cable

2.5mm cable is a house wire for home decoration, It is suitable for use in lights, switches, sockets and other household appliances.

Conductor Structure:1/1.73mm

Insulation Thickness: 0.8mm

Overall Diameter:3.3mm

Conductor: Pure Copper

Insulation: PVC, LZSH

Insulation Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow-Green etc

Voltage: 450/750V

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2.5mm CableWhat is 2.5mm2 Cable?

2.5 mm cable is the cross-sectional area of 2.5mm. The copper conductor diameter is 1.73mm. Depending on the color of the 2.5mm2 cable can be used as a neutral wire, live wire, and earth wire.

2.5mm cable how many amps and Watts

2.5mm cable can take 28 Amps. The watt is 4400W.

what is 2.5mm cable used for

2.5mm2 is suitable for power devices, household appliances, instruments and telecommunications wire. PVC insulated wire and household wire are the most commonly used type of wire. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and moisture-proof.

what is 2.5mm cable rated at? How much is 2.5mm Cable?

According to IEC international electrical standard 2.5mm2 rated voltage is 450/750V. Based on LME Copper Price (USD 8051) 2.5mm cable is USD 0.215 per meter.ZW cable has large stock. We can sell one roll.

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