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We are a professional production of wire and cable, from sending us inquiries to after-sales service we can all for you. If you have any problems in each part, we will give your best cable solution. so you will work with us completely satisfied!

Cable Solution-Custom Engineered for Reliability

ZW cables are speciality cables designed for sophisticated signal integrity and the demanding environments of multiple industries. Our cables have outstanding copper conductor quality to meet your expectations and industry specifications. Our rapid response design and quoting process allows us to produce to order with low order quantities and short lead times, perfect for small and diverse requirements. Our engineered solutions use a wide variety of materials, cover a wide range of product features, and offer a comprehensive range of UL and CSA certifications.

Cable Solution-Selection right cable size

We will according to the requirements of your project, according to the power you need the cable, the current of the cable. Help you choose the right cable size, so as to help you solve the time, and help your money.

Cable Solution-Cable installation construction specifications

Cable tray is laying between the layers of the distance is generally:

① bridge upper from the top plate or other obstacles should not be less than 0.3m;

② power cable tray should not be less than 0.3m;

③ control cable tray should not be less than 0.2m;

④ weak power cable bridge and power cable bridge should not be less than 0.5m, such as shielding cover can be reduced to 0.3m.

The following cables of different voltages for different purposes, in addition to the conditions that can only be installed on the same level of the bridge and separated by a partition, should not be laid on the same level of the bridge:

① 1k V above and 1k V below the cable;

② strong power, weak power, control cables;

③ emergency lighting and other lighting cables;

④ dual power supply cable to the first load.

Several groups of cables laid at the same height, the adjacent cable bridges should be considered between the maintenance, maintenance needs, generally should not be less than 0.6m.