150mm Single Core cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • Flame Retardant & PVC Cable
  • Approved by CCC, ISO, SGS
  • We have 1*150mm Cable in Stock

150mm cable is made of high quality material and has a long durability. It is used in large industrial facilities, construction buildings, hospitals, etc. You will like this durable cable at first sight and use it for a long time.

Conductor: Copper or Aluminum

Insulation: XLPE or PVC

Outer Sheath: PVC

Color of outer sheath: Black

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150mm cable is a cable used for construction and maintenance. It can also be produced as a flexible cable, used to connect two pieces of equipment. The wire is usually made of copper, and the insulation is usually PVC, but sometimes other insulation such as XLPE. 150mm2 cable service life is 70 years, if the current is not overloaded.

150mm cable specification

Conductor MaterialCopper 
Conductor Strands18
Insulation MartialXLPE
 Insulation Thickness 1.4mm
Sheath MartialPVC
Sheath Thickness1.6mm
Overal Diamater21mm
Operating temperature-15 degrees to +90 degrees
HS Code8544492100
Name of Product1*150mm2 Copper Cable
Voltage600 / 1000V

150mm cable current rating

The maximum current carrying capacity of a 150mm cable is 360A.

The current carrying capacity of a cable is expressed as Ampere (A). This is the maximum amount of current that safely passes through the insulation and conductor of a cable.

The current carrying capacity can also be expressed as Ampere (A). This is the maximum amount of current that safely passes through the insulation and conductor of a cable.

The current carrying capacity of a cable is determined by its cross-section area, type of insulation and conductor material.

150mm2 cable diameter

The voltage level of 150 cables is different and the overall diameter is also different. Here is diameter list:

150mm2 cable price

Recurrence price of 150mm cable is USD 14 per meter.

The price of copper has been fluctuating for many years. The price has been very low recently, but it is not stable. There is no way to predict the future. It may be high or low. Due to this, we can only give you a reference price here.

According to the actual situation of supply and demand, our company determines the price according to specific products, such as:

1) According to the number of goods produced: The larger the number of goods produced, the cheaper they are;

2) According to raw materials prices: If the price of raw materials rises sharply, then production costs will increase accordingly;

3) According to market prices: If there are changes in market prices after our quotation for you, then we will adjust our quotations accordingly;

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