Armoured Cable 16mm

  • According to IEC, BS, GB
  • Flame Retardant & PVC
  • Approved by CCC,CE, ISO
  • Large stock cables with different cores

ZW offer a range of high quality 16mm Armoured Cable for a variety of uses. This product has reliability, high quality and performance.

Conductor: Class 1 or Class 2

Insulation: XLPE

Amour: SWA or STA

Voltage: 0.6/1kV

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16mm armoured cable is an electrical cable used mostly in residential and commercial buildings to deliver low-voltage electricity.

The cable’s outside covering is made from a strong material to protect the wiring.

The 16 mm armored cable is available in three or four-core and black colors, used in industrial machineries such as air conditioning units, motors, and generators.

16mm armoured cable 3 core  Construction

16mm Armoured Cable 3 Core

  • 16mm armoured cable amp rating is 66A.
  • Conductors: Class 2 Copper Conductor
  • Insulation Thickness is 0.7mm
  • Bedding: PVC
  • Armour/Protection: SWA (Steel wire armour or steel tape amour)
  • Sheath/Jacket: PVC
  • Sheath Thickness is 1.6mm
  • The colour usually is black (Accept Custom Colors)
  • The maximum operating temperature is 90°C, and the minimum bending temperature is 0°C.

  • Overall Diameter is 21mm

16mm armoured cable price per meter

16 sq mm armoured cable prices per meter are determined by the LME Copper Price. The cost of our products changes according to factors such as type, size and quantity. Here is the price list:

  • 16mm 2 core armoured cable USD 3.2 per meter
  • 16 sq mm armoured cable3 core USD 4.5 per meter
  • 16 sq mm armoured cable 4 core USD 5.5 per meter
  • 16 sq mm armoured cable 5 core USD 6.8 per meter
ZW CABLE offer high quality 16mm armoured cable at competitive prices. Our products are made using high 99.5% copper and high quality PVC, which have been sourced from reputed companies. We can also help you design and choose right size cable. Accept LOWER MOQ and Be Your Best Cable Supplier.