10 thhn wire

  • UL Standard
  • PVC &Nylon Cable
  • Approved by UL, 
  • 600V

10 gauge wire is nylon sheathed wire. 10 gauge thhn wire can be applied to household, also can be used for electrical equipment, electronic equipment, etc. 10 gauge thhn wire loved by many customers because of its abrasion resistance, water resistance and durability.

Conductor Size: #10

Cross Section Area:5.62mm2

Number of Conductors: 1

Usage: indoor and outdoor

Conductor: Solid or Stranded


Sheath: Nylon


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What Is 10 Thhn Wire?

10 thhn wire is made of bare copper, pvc insulation and nylon sheath. 10 awg thhn wire has excellent thermal stability, high mechanical strength, surface strength, heat resistance, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, more resistant to oil, gasoline and other characteristics. 10 thhn solid wire is 1/2.69mm. 10 thhn stranded wire is 19/0.58mm. The PVC insulation thickness is 0.5mm. The nylon sheath is 0.2mm. The overall diameter is 4.4mm. The weight is 58KG for one Kilometer.

10 thhn wire

10 thhn wire amp rating

 The safe load capacity is 50A. The maximum ampacity is 58A.

10 Thhn Wire Price 

The price of copper is unstable and therefore the 10 AWG thhn wire price is inaccurate. As a cable manufacturer, we can remind you what is best to purchase. Our quotation valid can be longer. Our package is 100ft and 500ft.

Being one of thhn wire manufacturer, we always put quality in the first place. In order to guarantee the performance of 10 thhn wire, ZW Cable produces the cable in accordance with international standards. We promise to provide qualified products for our customers.

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