• According to IEC VDE Standard
  • PVC Insulation
  • CCC, CE, VDE
  • Large H05v k Wires with different sizes

H05V-K is widely used for electrical connections inside industrial equipment, including electrical cabinets, control rooms, connectors, etc. It can also be used for lighting, etc. Better flexibility, easy installation and space saving.

H05V-K data sheet

Conductor: Class 5 

Insulation: PVC

Voltage: 300/500V

Application of H05V-K

H05v K has a wide range of applications in the industrial power distribution field, especially suitable for the more stringent requirements of flexible installation sites, such as electrical control cabinets, distribution boxes and switch signal transmission. Ho5v k wire has a soft structure design, conductor bending radius is small and suitable for wet and oily installation sites. The main market for  h05v k cable is in North America and European countries.

H05v k cable specification

The conductor is copper stranded wire class 5. The insulation is PVC. The working temperate is 70 degree. The most common size for h05v K is 0.5mm2, 0.75mm2, and 1mm2. We can more than 20 different colours such as red, black, brown, blue etc. We have h05v-k wires in stock. Therefore, we can sell a one-meter wire. We will alos provide you with a free sample to test our cable quality.

h05v k

H05v-K  Characteristics

H05v k and h05v2 k are all single wire. Both wires only have insulation. They don’t have a sheath. H05vv k has a sheath. The voltage of H05v K is 300/500V. The working temperature is from -5℃ to 70℃. The insulation resistance is 20 MΩ x km.

H05v K Current Rating

H05v k cables only have 3 sizes cross-section. We will tell you amps for each size. The amps of  0.5mm2 are 9 A. The amps of 0.75mm2 are 12 A. The amps of 1mm2 are 14A. The package is 100 meters per roll. 

As a professional cable manufacturer, we sell our products to more than 50 countries worldwide. Stable quality and service are our good reputation. We can also produce h05v-k according to your specifications