Elastomer cable

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Elastomer cable is made of multi-conductors. Since the cable is very soft, many people are willing to use it. And very flexible in cold weather

In the modern world, technology is constantly evolving and improving. One of the most essential aspects of contemporary technology is cable. Cables are used in everything from electronics to cars, and they need to be both durable and flexible. 

In the past, cables have been made with metal wire, which can be stiff and inflexible. This can cause problems when cables are used in devices that need to be flexible, such as phones and laptops.

There has been a shift towards using elastomer cables instead of metal wires in recent years. ZW cables manufacture elastomer cables made with rubber or plastic, making them more flexible than metal wires. 

This makes them a better choice for devices that need to be bendable. Let’s explore more about elastomer cables and why they are the future of durable, flexible cable technology.

What are Elastomer cables?

Elastomer Insulated Cables

Elastomer cables are a type of cable technology that uses elastomeric compounds to create durable, flexible cables. Compared to traditional cable technologies like copper or aluminum wiring, elastomer cable has many advantages that make them an attractive option for various applications.

Elastomer cable is a type of cable technology that utilizes elastomer insulation instead of traditional PVC or rubber insulation. It provides superior flexibility and durability, making them ideal in complex or hazardous environments. 

Additionally, elastomer insulated cable is less susceptible to damage from oils, chemicals, and other harsh substances, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications.

How are elastomer cables made?

Elastomer cable is made by injecting molten polymer into a die or mold. This creates a thin, flexible film cooled and hardened to create the cable. The finished product is a durable, lightweight cable easily customized to fit any application.

To design an elastomer cable, ZW cable engineers carry the following factors into account:

  • Type of elastomer material

Material is significant to the overall properties. The two most common types of elastomer material are thermoplastic and thermoset. 

Thermoplastic elastomer cables can be melted and reformed, making them ideal for customizing cables to fit specific applications. On the other hand, Thermoset elastomers are permanently set after being molded, making them more durable but less flexible.

  • Operating temperature range: 

The operating temperature range is the temperature range over which a cable can be safely operated. Cables used in extreme temperatures, either high or low, require unique insulation materials to withstand those conditions. The operating temperature range for these cables is from -40 to +185 degrees F.

  • Abrasion resistance:

 Abrasion resistance is the cable’s ability to resist damage from being rubbed or scraped. This is especially important in applications where the cable is likely to contact rough surfaces.

  • Dielectric strength:

Dielectric strength is the cable’s ability to resist damage from electrical current. This is important in applications where the cable may be exposed to high levels of electrical current.

What are the significant features of elastomer cable?

ZW cables are the chief manufacturer and supplier of elastomer cable in China. They supply cables made of high-quality elastomer material and meet all the necessary international standards. ZW cables also offer personalised cables, including electrical cable, welding cable, solar cable battery cable, per customer necessities.

Some of the significant features of elastomer cable include:

  • Extended durability and lifespan:

Elastomer cable is highly durable and can last longer than traditional cables. This makes them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

  • Amplified efficiency:  

Elastomer cable is also highly efficient and can transmit data faster than traditional cables.

  • Trouble-free performance: 

Elastomer cables also perform well in various environments and are less likely to experience problems.

  • The highest degree of excellence: 

Lastly, elastomer cable represents the highest degree of cable technology and meets the most stringent performance requirements.

What are the potential applications of elastomer cable?

applications of elastomer cable

ZW cables offer a wide range of elastomer cables customized to fit any application. With over ten years of experience, we are experts in cable technology. The manufacturing process of elastomer cable passes under high-quality assurance, and all products are RoHS compliant.

Some of the potential applications for elastomer cable include:

  • Medical devices:  

Elastomer cable is ideal for medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators, as they can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain their flexibility in various conditions.

  • Automotive:

 Elastomer cable can be used in automotive applications to provide a durable and flexible connection between the car and its various components.

  • Consumer electronics: 

Elastomer cable is perfect for electronic devices as they can be bent and twisted without breaking. This makes them less likely to cause damage to the device.

  • HVAC systems: 

HVAC systems such as air conditioners and heat pumps often require large, durable PVC cables to connect them to the home’s electrical system. Elastomer cables are an excellent choice for these applications, as they can handle the strain of being connected to a large appliance.

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