120mm single core cable

  • According to IEC, GB,BS Standard
  • Flame Retardant & PVC Cable
  • Approved by SGS, CE,BV
  • Large stock cables with different sizes

120mm cable is very popular and is accepted and adopted by many customers because it is commonly used for high power.

Conductor: Copper Or Aluminum

Insulation: XLPE

Outer Sheath: PVC

Color of outer sheath: Black

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120mm cables are made with stranded copper or aluminum conductors and PVC insulation. They offer superior resistance to abrasion and provide excellent dielectric strength.

The 120mm cable is perfect for applications that require a large diameter cable. These cables have been used successfully in power distribution systems, power supplies, and industrial applications.

120mm Cable Specification

The cable specification is as follows:

  • The conductor is made of class 2 or 5 copper wire.
  • The insulation material is XLPE (cross-linked polyolefin).
  •  120mm cable has a PVC sheath, which contains core identification in the form of black stripes throughout its length and breadth
  • Insulation Thickness is 1.1mm
  • The overall diameter of the cable is 17mm, with an overall weight of 1.2Kg per meter
  • The maximum current carrying capacity is 302A at 70°C working temperature. Voltage ratings are 300V AC or 600V DC (20°C ambient temps).

120mm armoured cable price

The cost of armored cable is determined by the number (of cores) and type of armor. For example, a 120 mm 4 core cable costs 40 USD per meter.

Other factors influencing the cost of 120 armoured cable:

The longer the armored cable, the more expensive it is.

2) If there have more cores, so its price will be higher. Usually our cores are from 1 core t0 5 cores

3) The price of armored materials (steel wire or steel tape)

120mm to AWG

120mm2  ( cross-sectional area) 250MCM (AWG Wire Gauge Size)
150 300MCM
185 350MCM, 400MCM
240 450MCM, 500MCM
300 600MCM
400 750MCM, 800MCM
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