Nose Wire For Face Mask

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Nose Wire


Due to the covid-19 masks are off the market worldwide. And we are clear that masks’ production also requires a very tedious process, such as the nose wire in the masks. The nose strip is also called mask strip, plastic strip, nose bar, nose wire, full plastic nose strip, shaped strip; it is mainly a rigid strip inside the mask, which plays the role of fixing the mask on the nose, supporting the mask and increasing the fit of the mask to the nose frame. It is made of polyolefin resin and is usually white, but of course, it can be customized if you want another colour.

1.what to use for nose wire in mask

A nose wire is a thin adhesive strip used inside a mask that plays the role of securing the mask to the nose’s bridge. So the nose bridge wire is also called full plastic nose bridge wire, nose bridge rib, nose bridge wire. All face mask nose wire is made of polyolefin resin, which has the excellent performance of bending and deforming with external force, losing external force and not rebounding, and keeping the same shape, playing the role of fixing the mask on the nose bridge. The standard material of nose bridge wire is plastic nose wire and metal nose wire.

2.How to make face mask with nose wire

a.Aluminum metal strip
Production process: face electronic feeder – roller feeder – aluminum bar stamping machine – light material rack

b. Covered galvanized fine iron wire
Production process: material dried by dryer – extruder extrusion – stretching – cooling forming – Hauling machine sent to the disc – rolled.

c. All-plastic nose bar
Production process: feeding – shaping – traction – rewinding

Nose Wire types

3.Types of Nose Wire

a)Single core nose Wire
Single core nose wire is a common type of nose strip, generally used in flat type masks, such as medical masks or disposable masks. Regular colors are white, black, transparent, other colors can be customized. Common specifications are 2.5-3.0mm*0.5mm, other specifications can also be customized.

b)Double core nose Wire
The difference between double core nose bar and single core nose bar is mainly in the fact that the plastic bar contains two metal wires. Double-core nose wire is generally used in cup type masks or folding masks, such as medical masks, etc.
The regular colors of double core nose strips are white, black and transparent. Other colors are generally available for custom production.

c)Plastic nose wire
PE full plastic nose strips, environmentally friendly and non-invasive, using brand new materials, smooth surface and no rebound. The full plastic nose strip is generally used in folding masks, cup masks, disposable masks and so on.
The common color is white, other colors can also be customized.

d)Aluminum nose wire
Aluminum nose wire is generally used in cup type masks, and the exhalation valve can be used together for better effect.

3.What are the common materials used for nose wire?

a.Metal aluminum wire
It is made of metal aluminum sheets. The bending effect of the nose strip made of this material is good, but it is easy to make the human body suffer damage due to the bending strength, and it is difficult to separate and recycle the waste masks after use.

The material of aluminium nose wire for masks is different from aluminium alloy. This material has the advantages of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and high brightness. The aluminum strip has uniform surface holes, good straightness, and stable size. It also has high strength, good toughness, and continuous bending with bending equipment. Aluminium nose wire has excellent adhesion, excellent sealing effect, long service life, and high demand. It is often used in N95, N100, R95, P95, FFP2, FFP3, and other mask models.

b. Polyolefin polymer material covered with galvanized fine iron wire
This nose bar layer is a layer of polyolefin polymer material wrapped on a galvanized fine iron wire with a diameter of 0.45mm-0.55mm. At present, most domestic mask factories use this type with high capacity. This production principle is the same as wire and cable processing.

c. All-plastic nose wire
This kind of nose strip is mainly made of modified PE, PP, and other materials extruded after drying and stretched to cool and set. It is then packed into rolls by traction machine, where the toughness and flexibility of PE materials are a bit more ideal. The all-plastic nose strip has good hardness, impact resistance, tensile resistance, good extrusion performance in the production process, low shrinkage rate, and good dimensional stability after moulding.

FAQ: Problems encountered in the use of the nose bar

Problem 1: The nose bar is bent after cutting the strip on the mask machine, resulting in the mask not being welded and sewn.

Solution 1:

  • Be sure to arrange the wire neatly when producing the closing wire.
  • Pack it tightly without loosening.
  • Choose a wire with lower steel.

Solution 2: Use a straightening device to straighten the noseband before cutting the strip in the mask machine.


Problem 2: The nose strip slips on the mask, and the position is unstable.

Solution: Increase the roughness of the surface of the nose bridge strip as much as possible.


Problem 3: The nose bridge strip’s size does not match the feeding port of the mouthpiece machine and cannot be used.

Solution 1: You can ask the nose bar manufacturer to customize the size.

Solution 2: Mouthpiece machine accessories are adjusted and changed.


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