Top Benefits & Features Of LSZH Cable

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lszh cable


The concept of green is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, whether from food or daily necessities. More and more people are choosing to use environmentally friendly products. In many places, the cable project will be used in LSZH cables such as fire, monitoring, and alarm. LSZH is cable jacketing. Usually, people will call it environmentally cable does not refer to the low smoke halogen-free cable. The following is a detailed analysis of the difference between ecologically and low-smoke halogen-free cable. We will look at it next.

1. what is lszh cable?

LSZH cable is Low smoke zero halogen cable. Halogen free cable standards as the name imply low smoke, that is, to reduce the production of harmful objects in the combustion, halogen-free, as we all know, halogen for the human body is a toxic gas. Halogen-free is no more poisonous gas release. Usually, this situation refers to the cable in the event of a fire. Low smoke zero halogen cables can also be called environmental cables. LSZH cables are mostly used in hospitals and places where environmental health requirements are more stringent.

2. what does LSZH cable mean?

LSZH cable is a cable whose sheath and insulation are made of materials that produce low smoke and non-toxic halogens under fire or high temperatures. The halogen is chlorine, bromine, or iodine. These cables are used in applications where toxic smoke or poisonous gases may be generated if the sheath of the cable is burned.

The LSZH cable is rated according to the high temperatures at which it will release these toxic gases. The higher the temperature rating, the longer the cable will take to release these gases. LSZH  cable stand for Low Smoke Zero Halogen. The main advantage of this cable is that it does not produce toxic fumes when it burns, unlike other PVC cables.

The most common use for LSZH cables is in electrical power distribution systems, where overheating can cause fires or explosions if there are no sufficient safety measures taken in place.

LSZH cables have been manufactured since the late 1960s, but they have not been widely utilized until recently due to their cost (they were more expensive than PVC) and difficulty in manufacturing them. However, since they do not contain any halogen compounds it eliminates the risk of toxic gas production during fires which makes them safer to use compared to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cables.

3. Difference between PVC and LSZHcable

lszh cable test

There is a big difference between zero halogen cable and pvc cable both in function and in the scope of use and price. We need to know more about the difference between them for better service. Here we will introduce some considerations in choosing the cable.

LSHF cable and PVC cable are a big difference whether it contains halogen, generally speaking. PVC cable flame retardant effect will be better because it is made of halogen-containing polyethylene material, but if burning it will produce toxic gas and smoke, but also corrosive machinery, and also endanger the human body, if the need for rescue, staff must wear anti-toxic masks can be.

Low halogen cable does not produce any acid gas generation, there is no smoke, and the machine and the human body have a perfect protection role. So some places with high population density will generally choose this kind of  LSZH cable. LSZH Cable’s working temperature range is from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. Its production and design are very scientific and technical to adapt to the sound characteristics of the environment. In high temperatures and any situation, its excellent safety type standards will not release toxins and other problems, and life use can be more secure and convenient.

Choose LSZH wire to improve the environment’s safety quality, is in a very lot of buildings are also incredibly commonly used to the type. To ensure the choice of the real product, but also pay attention to the brand guarantee, achieve the effect of safe use to meet the actual needs, and focus on the method of the necessary conditions.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of LSZH Cable

Advantages of low smoke zero halogen lszh cable

a, halogen-free: the use of green insulation, sheathing, and individual oxygen barrier materials, not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and to ensure that the product does not contain halogen, to solve the burning of the formation of its “secondary pollution,” to avoid the burning PVC toxic substances.

b, low smoke and low toxicity: the use of new unique covering materials that do not pollute the environment, the production and combustion processes do not produce toxic gases, the emission of acid gas is minimal, reducing the harm to personnel and equipment. It is necessary to use low smoke halogen-free cable.

c, high flame retardancy: environmentally friendly cable to ensure that its high fire requirements of the building requirements, the cable is not easy to burn in case of fire, and can stop the spread of flame and disaster after burning. In particular, the modern construction of super high-rise buildings and current material products, when the fire increased the rescue’s difficulty. Using a low smoke halogen-free cable can increase the rescue time and reduce the harm of harmful gases to humans.

The disadvantage of low smoke zero halogen cable

Although LSZH cables are friendly to the environment, their raw materials and technology costs are more expensive than YJV Cable. PVC cables have excellent electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, and some other excellent properties. Low-smoke halogen-free cables can not yet wholly replace electrical cables, and therefore are not too widely used in terms of popularity.

5. LSZH Cable Application

low smoke zero halogen cable

The zero halogen cable is a product that does not contain PVC and TPU, so it does not produce either harmful gases when burning or hydrochloric acid when in contact with water.

Low smoke and halogen-free sheath materials are classified as LSZH, LSOH, LS0H, LSFH, and OHLS, which are environmentally friendly cables that do not emit toxic fumes when burning. Low smoke and halogen-free materials can reduce the toxic and corrosive gases produced during their combustion. Therefore ZW Cable can produce lshf cable, lsoh cable, and lsnh cable.

a, Low smoke and halogen-free cables are often used in poorly ventilated spaces, such as ships, trains and aircraft.

b,In the construction industry, low-smoke halogen-free cables are also commonly used. The high voltage cable is above the transformer. If the current is too high, fire will occur. The use of low smoke and halogen-free sheath can reduce the toxic gas generated by short circuits and increase the escape time. Therefore, we also call it low smoke halogen-free cable.

c,  In the railroad industry, one of the essential requirements is to protect personnel and equipment from exposure to toxic and corrosive gases, and the use of low smoke and halogen-free materials is required for the outer layer in these applications.In Cable industry we called it railway cable.

As we can see, although LSZH cables have been around for decades, their use is only just beginning to accelerate. There is no coalition or organization actively promoting LSZH cable, and there are no scenarios where LSZH cable should be used or even how LSZH cable manufacturers should describe it on their websites or in their specifications. Fortunately, this situation is improving, thanks to UL Halogen Free (HF) & Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) certifications. Let’s hope this momentum continues, rather than waiting for another serious fire to occur before taking action.

In the meantime, designers and electrical engineers can either choose off-the-shelf LSZH cables or specify the standards that LSZH cables must meet for custom applications as needed. Contact us today, ZW Cable will send your LZSH Cable Price list.


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